"Vi har besøk."

Translation:We have visitors.

May 25, 2015



This sounds like "we have berserk". Berserkers would have made fun guests... :-)


What would you say if you have one visitor instead of several visitor(s)? Is "we have a vistor" also correct translation for this?


Yes, this also works for a single visitor.


besøk sounds like a singular form, but it means visitors (plural) i'm confused...shouldn't it be besøker?


"Besøk" means "visit", not "visitors", that's why the singular is used. Anyway, the plural form is also "besøk".


When you say "Vi har besøk." you mean that you have one or several guests. If you say "Jeg er på besøk." you mean that you visit somebody.


Does that mean it's neuter? "Et besøk", "besøket"?



Like this:

'Jeg besøkte moren min igår.'

'Gjorde du det. Var det et hyggelig besøk?'

'Ja, det var et veldig hyggelig besøk. Hun var i godt humør.'


Is the ø pronounced like "ur"?


Yes, ø is pronounced like the "ur" in church.


Would "we have guests" or "we have company" also work here?


The same meaning yes, but if you want to be picky "we have guests" would be "vi har gjester", and "we have company" would be "vi har selskap"


That is very picky indeed!! Normally I say 'Vi har gjester', rather than 'Vi har besøk'. We have company is exactly the same as 'vi har besøk'. 'Vi har selskap' means also 'we have a party'.

[deactivated user]

    So "besøk" is visit AND visitors depending on context?


    Å besøke is a verb, it means to visit somebody. 'Jeg skal besøke min søster i morgen' means 'I am going to see (or visit) my sister tomorrow.''Et besøk' is a noun, it does not mean the person who comes to see you but more the fact that someone comes to see you. If someone says 'Det var et langt besøk' he means the guests stayed a long time.

    ' Jeg dro for å besøke min mor i går, men det ble et kort besøk for hun var i dårlig humør' means' I went to see my mother yesterday, but it was a short visit because she was in a bad mood.'


    I answered "They are on a visit where we live. But it was wrong, but why?

    [deactivated user]

      It sounded like she said we are beserk. Any1 else hear that


      So since besøk is a neutral noun, is the plural same as the singular? I know that this generally applies to one-syllable nouns, but is this one an exception?


      Can I use guests ? Tbh Visitor sounds a bit weird


      My old norsk text book said the word for "guests" was "fremede". I am never getting past that. Neighbors were also probable potato theives.

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