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  5. "Так собі."

"Так собі."

Translation:So so.

May 25, 2015



Literally "Indeed itself"


I would suggest that "All right", "alright" and "OK" should be accepted here. "So so" is very uncommon in current English, except among second language learners who pick it up in language classes.


Oh but doesn't "all right" actually mean that everything is good? "- How are you? - All right" would be "Як справи? - Добре".

"Так собі" really means a strong "Meh". I would accept "Meh" as an answer :)


I would consider alright a little short of positive myself, I think, but still more positive than so-so. I'd probably say alright is often close to "can't complain, but nothing to write home about" (though sometimes it could be enough to smile about) while so-so is more like "could be better, but not worth getting upset about"...


It really depends on the context and intonation. However, if you check a corpus of current English, or just listen to people enough, you'll find that no one says "So so." in response to "How are you?". It's not in common use anymore. It would be an acceptable answer, sure. It just wouldn't occur to a lot of native speakers of English, and so it shouldn't be the only possible answer here.


Couldn't agree more. I think there's a usage difference between North American English and the rest of the world, but in the U.S./Canada answering "I'm okay" would very seldom be read as "good". "I'm good" would also fall pretty far short of its literal meaning, especially in informal situations.


"So so" is common in the United States for when things are not so good, but not too bad.. all right and OK are meaning better than that.


I don't think I've ever heard any of my fellow Americans say "so-so". I've almost exclusively encountered it when an equivalent term from another language is being translated /into/ English. "Okay" literally means "okay", but functionally = "so-so" as far as American English goes. If you answer "I'm okay" when someone asks you how you are, I'd say there's a reasonable chance that friends and family would follow up with "Just okay?"


It is an expression I use all the time, and I certainly hear it from other people.


can someone maybe use this in a sentence...?


How are you? - So-so.
How was the dinner? - So-so.
Not so good, but not a total disaster either


Shouldn't "so and so" be correct?


No, that's an expression that's used to refer to a person in a joking way. "You old so and so." It's a stand in for an insult used in an affectionate way. It can also be used in a not so nice way, but it's not equivalent to "so so".


Try as I might, I just can't imagine that voice saying собі.


And a few minutes later, I can hear it!

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