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To the Dutch team

I found a TV channel known as BVN here in South Africa. Dagelijkse uitzendingen van deze publieke televisiezender voor Nederlanders en Vlamingen in het buitenland.

AlexisLinguist and I have previously mentioned that your course has been the most enjoyable and entertaining.

It has clearly also been the most effective too (from my rather limited viewpoint) - your course has enabled me to understand and follow this Dutch TV program with ease!

Het is verbazingwekkend!

May 25, 2015



Kan nie kla nie because the Dutch course was so wonderful but it'd be really nice if there were an Afrikaans course XD You should sign up to help with one because I'm sure many people wanna understand Afrikaans too :)


Ek het alreeds probeer maar dit lyk asof Afrikaans nog nie gereed is nie.

For our Dutch friends to see the similarities between Afrikaans and Dutch.

Ik heb geprobeerd maar het lijkt Afrikaans is nog niet klaar.


Actually, the Dutch translation is even closer to the original sentence,

Ik heb (het) al geprobeerd maar het lijkt alsof Afrikaans nog niet [klaar/gereed] is. :)

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