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  5. "Двадцять одна гривня"

"Двадцять одна гривня"

Translation:Twenty-one hryvnias

May 25, 2015



What is a hryvnya?


Ukrainian currency ^^


дякую! I more or less figured it out as the word kept coming up in alternation with dollars, but it threw me at first. I think I am using up too much of my brain on struggling with switching back and forth between keyboards with each new translation.


I actually use the keyboard on Google Translate so I just have to switch between tabs. Maybe that will make it easier.


I do that too. But only when I get very stuck. It still feels like cheating sometimes.


This is not what Samantha had in mind. She uses Google translate's virtual keyboard to write her sentences in Cyrylic, not to translate exercises.


you mean use swipe or predictive text or something?


Yes, I don't see how cutting and pasting is faster than switching keyboards. You can assign a CTRL + # to each keyboard. Pressing two keys simultaneously is much faster. Of course, I am taking enough courses that I actually hold CTRL+SHIFT+9 for Ukrainian keyboard, but I have English on CTRL+1.


Doesn't this sentence mean "Twenty first hryvnya"? I am confused.


first - перша (f.)/перший (m.)/перше (n. )/перші (pl.)

Why would двадцять одна (21) mean "Twenty first" (двадцять перша)?

More about numbers here: https://www.duolingo.com/skill/uk/numbers1


Polish is my mother tongue and sometimes the seemlingly slight differences between Polish and Ukrainian make it difficult to "switch" from one grammar system to another. Thank you for the explaination.


What might be slightly confusing to Polish speakers is in fact not assuming that "одна" means "first" by itself, but the use of singular after numbers that end with 1 (in Polish we use for those the same form we use for numbers ending with 5-9 and 0). This might resemble the ordinal numbers forms.

In short, we also say „dwudziesta pierwsza hrywna”, but „dwadzieścia jeden hrywien”.


Hypotext said hrvnya.. But i was wrong typing that... It's hrvnyas.


When writing down prices would you write ₴21 or 21₴?


Should be like this: 21 ₴ (with a space). I must say, however, that even though it's been more than 10 years since it was introduced and you can easily type it, it's still not that widespread. If the government doesn't use it, who will? So far more often you'll see 21 грн.


That certainly is an odd situation. Thanks for the info, Vinnfred! :)

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