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  5. "Ми не їмо м'ясо на вечерю."

"Ми не їмо м'ясо на вечерю."

Translation:We do not eat meat for dinner.

May 25, 2015



I wonder if "at dinner" or "at the dinner" would be ok as well?


"At dinner" might even be a better English translation.


Hmm... I always thought "at dinner" means "during dinner", so like "talking at dinner" etc. And "for dinner" means "the food which is our dinner". Just tried to search it and couldn't really find exactly this.

You really think "eating meat at dinner" should be added? I assume you are both native speakers right.


I'm a native English speaker. I've never given this much thought but I would say that if someone said to me "I do not eat meat at dinner" it would make sense too me. What you had to say about it makes total sense and is definitely the way that most people use "for" and "at" in those cases. Still I would assume that they mean "dinner time" if they said "at dinner" in this case. In other words it'd be the same as saying "for dinner".


Is Ми closer in proninciation to mih, mee, or mwih?


Mи sounds more like mih, but the ih is kind of deep sounding, I don't know how else to explain


Ugh! Esperanto is messing me up! "Mi" in esperanto is Me!


Is "вечерю" in the prepositional case?


I think it's in the accusative. But I can mistake.


Ukrainian doesn't have a prepositional case. This is the accusative.


"at dinner" is a better English translation. "for dinner" implies that nothing else is eaten at that time.

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