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"They do not feel that they are welcome."

Translation:Ní mhothaíonn siad go bhfuil fáilte rompu.

May 25, 2015



Has there been a section introducing subordinate clauses? Haven't been keeping up with Irish, so i may have just forgotten...


There’s no course skill dedicated to subordinate clauses; samples just get occasionally scattered into the other skills’ lessons.


Starting a relative clause is often done by using a - and as 'they are welcome' is translated with 'tá fáilte rompu' - I thought I had to use 'atá fáilte rompu' here. Instead, for the correct answer go is used this time (with the eclipsed autonomous form of tá - bhfuil).

Since relative clauses are not explained in the course, could anyone tell me why this is, and perhaps even when to use which form? Could my option be correct as well? It's pretty confusing :-)

Go raibh maith agaibh!


It's a subordinate clause.

bhfuil is the eclipsed dependent form of , not the autonomous form (táthar).

No, you could never use atá to say this.


All these different clauses and forms... :-) I'm starting to get some basics in my head, but as you've noticed, I still mix a lot up too.

Thank you very much for your reply! I'll be reading up on your link and hopefully will get a better understanding of this.


Could "gur" be used instead of "go bhfuil" here?

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