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  5. "Ми дивимося фільм щовечора."

"Ми дивимося фільм щовечора."

Translation:We watch a movie every evening.

May 25, 2015



Does this imply they watch the same movie every evening?


That's a great question, actually. In fact, while there is nothing deeply wrong with the grammar of the Ukrainian phrase "Ми дивимося фільм щовечора", it's difficult to come up with a real life situation when you can utter this sentence.

If we want to say that we watch movies / a different movie every night, we'd probably say: "Ми дивимося фільми щовечора", "Ми дивимося кіно щовечора", "Ми дивимося різні фільми щовечора". If we want to say we watch the same movie over and over again, we'd say "Ми дивимося один і той самий фільм щовечора" or "Ми дивимося цей фільм щовечора". The later could also mean that the movie could be really long and we've been watching it say chunks of 20 minutes every night.


It sounds to me that way too, but I believe it is just about movie watching sessions every evening :)


Wouldn't it be "We watch the movie every evening?"


Right, so I'm basically asking if that version is closer to the meaning of the original sentence.


"We watch a movie every evening" means that a different movie is watched every evening. If you're talking about the same movie every evening it's always "the movie."

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