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Who else is waiting for Spanish tree improvements?

Firstly I'd like to say I am NOT complaining about anything. Duolingo is wonderful. I was just wondering if there were more people who is waiting for new Spanish lessons? What are your expectations? What do you think the classes should be about? Share your thoughts to the community.

We currently have about 1.500 Spanish words. How many do you think they are going to add up before this year ends?

September 27, 2013



You shouldn't be waiting for new lessons. There are more than enough resources on the internet or elsewhere! What I'm saying is, you shouldn't rely on Duolingo to teach you all your vocabulary (or grammar). Check out memrise.com, go on a Spanish chatroom, listen to Spanish music, watch tv shows or movies in Spanish (Extr@ is good if you have trouble understanding normal tv shows or movies, search it on youtube), and I have a translator app on my phone that I use frequently, whenever I'm wondering how a certain thing would be phrased, or what a certain object is called. And there's a lot more.

I'm not saying that I wouldn't like new lessons, of course that would be good! I'm just saying that you don't need them.


Yes... I totally agree with you. Duolingo is just my "take a break place", I use lots of other resources, such as an aunt of mine who lived in Argentina for 11 years... and lots of other sites I use to learn from. Thank you for your opinion.


It recently got updated. Maybe 1 month ago.


Nevertheless I still think we are going to have a lot of improvements soon. With the new tool they are going to launch, the community will be able to do the job and, regarding how many Spanish speakers we have here, it is totally possible. Don't you think so?


I for one am really looking forward to a lot of expansion and improvements from the native-speaking community :) They have confirmed that this will be possible.


I have a lot of trouble translating articles. Never have been sure of which version if any are correct. A translation needs to have the correct meaning as well as the correct grammar. Many of the translations seem to be lacking in both departments. Don't know where to go for help.

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