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  5. "Frukten er et eple."

"Frukten er et eple."

Translation:The fruit is an apple.

May 25, 2015



Does anyone actually say this?


Not out of the blue of course, but maybe in the right context?


or The apple is a fruit?

Maybe I can't find any scenarios for 'the fruit is an apple'


Let's say, we have contest for the best fruit in the universe. At the end, comission says "We have the winner fruit. The fruit is an apple!"

Everyone applauds.


I like it. Also, this:

"The leaves are spiral in arrangement, simple, with short minute stipules. The leaf-stalk is slender and long. The blade is sharp-tipped, with marginal teeth. The surface is glossy above. The trunk is irregularly ridged with grey-brown furrowed bark, scaling with ease. The flowers are white, tinged with pink, and have 5 united sepals, hairy above. The petals have rounded limbs and narrow claws. The numerous stamens enclose the disk, which secretes honey. The anthers are cream colour. The style is divided into 5 branches. The fruit is an apple, with the persistent calyx above. The ovary is 5-chambered, and the thick fleshy coat consists of peel, a thick juicy layer, with a thin, tough, parchment-like layer, the "core", and encloses 2 brown seeds in each chamber." [emphasis added] -- Description of Crab Apple (Pyrus Malus, L.) at http://chestofbooks.com/flora-plants/flowers/British-Wild-Flowers-1/Crab-Apple-Pyrus-Malus-L.html.


hahahaha. Made my day. I think the best suggestion possible for this sentence.


Are you scriptwriter? If you are not, you must be absolutely


No, unfortunately no :)


yes.. when the question is what are the fruits you have..

the answer the fruits are apples only


The apple is a fruit.....


Apple also makes fruits now?


Don't you think the fruit for breakfast or dinner is an apple?


Indeed: - For lunch there is bread, salad and fruit. - What is the fruit? - The fruit is an apple. Til lunsj er det brød, salat og frukt. - Hva er frukten? - Frukten er et eple.


This is one weird sentence. It does'nt make any sense


Why can one not answer? It stops automatically. This is very annkying


An apple is a fruit... I hope

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