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  5. "Jeg har et grønt eple."

"Jeg har et grønt eple."

Translation:I have a green apple.

May 25, 2015



whats the difference between "grønn" and "grønt"? Ive seen it on other colors too... "rød" and "rødt"?


With the "t" it is neuter. You have to conjugate adjectives to the gender of the word they are describing, and the word they are describing's conjugation. Not all colors have the t at the end for neuter, like lilla (purple)

En grønn bil - a green car (bil is male)

Den grønne bilen - the green car

Et grønt eple - a green apple

Det grønne eplet - the green apple

En lilla bil - a purple car

Et lilla eple - a purple apple

Det lilla eplet - the purple apple


Oh I see! Thanks!


grønt is for neutral nouns, grønn for male/female etc


Grønne epler er den beste

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