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  5. "Here is the guest room."

"Here is the guest room."

Translation:Burası misafir odası.

May 25, 2015



Two troubles: 1. Also wonder why "Burası" now instead of "Burada"? "Burada= here (this place)" which it seems to be. 2. Why "odası"? Is it possessive or accusative? Understand if it is accusative but should it not be "odayı" then?


Burası = This place

Burada = IN this place

Only "Burası" works in this context.

"Misafir odası." because you have two nouns. When you have more than one noun, the last noun needs to be in the 3rd person possessive. If you have more than 2 nouns, the middle ones can be left in nominative at will. For example:

Student exchange program application form = Öğrenci değişim(i) programı başvuru(su) formu.


Thanks, gottcha but "program(ı)" should have parentheses as well?


I was afraid you would ask that. :D It sounds bad without it. It's more of a feeling that you'll develop in time. When in doubt, add the possessive.


Thank you very much :)


That would make misafir definite: the guest.

So it would mean: "the room of the guest."


Can "işte" be used here?


So you can say "Burası misafir odası." OR "Misafir odası burada." but not the other way around ("Burada misafir odası." / "Misafir odası burası."), right?


I have exactly the same question, so I would be really pleased to see the answer to this question, too.


Burasi as opposed to burada?


Which is the difference between "burada" and "burası"? Can't get when one or another should be used...

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