"Hva vil du spørre meg om?"

Translation:What do you want to ask me about?

May 25, 2015

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What is the difference between stille and spørre?


"Man stiller et spørsmål" < One poses a question

"Man spør om noe" < One asks about something


And to make it even more difficult: many Norwegians (including yours truly) make the mistake of saying "Å spørre et spørsmål". It should be "Å stille et spørsmål", as Luke says.


Takk turidbox! That explanation helped to clarify things a bit.


Takk Luke! Would the use of a modal verb affect which word you would use as well? If I recall correctly, I believe there was a sentence that was phrased along the lines: "jeg vil stille."

Thanks again for your help and the wonderful course!


Luke might answer this one better than I, but I think the answer is no.

"Jeg vil stille et spørsmål" -> "I want to pose a question." "Jeg vil spørre om noe" -> "I want to ask about something."

"Jeg vil stille", by itself, would mean "I want to run" (for a position). "Jeg vil stille som presidentkandidat" -> "I want to run for president."


Is the "about" at the end necessary, or could it be omitted?


Det vil jeg også vite. :-)

I would think that if you omit the om, then it would just mean 'What do you want to ask me?'. Is that correct? Does that sentence (Hva vil du spørre meg) work in Norwegian, or do you need the om at the end?


Why is "what do you want to ask me for?" wrong? Wouldn't it be "Hva vil du spørre meg om?" as well?


Is "Hva vil du spørre meg?" still grammatically correct or is 'om' necessary?


"What do you wanna ask me about?" should be accepted as well, in my opinion.

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