Haj, och välkommen! As you may have guessed, I have taken up Swedish as a fun language due to my mom and ancestry. Unfortunately, I have taken up the habit of speaking with a sort of Italian accent to it on accident, and it's making it kind of hard. Has this ever happened to you, and how did you fix it? If you did? I really hope I'm not the only one with this problem...

May 25, 2015



Yes, it happens and it happens a lot. One way is to listen to radio and tv. Subconsciously you will be tuning the pronounciation. One can never speak 100% without an accent. And I do not think of it as a negative thing - as long as you are making yourself understood-.

As for Swedish it is a bit more complicated since it is a language with melodies ( maybe there your Italian can come in handy).

Children programs are excellent, not just because they are simple in terms of vocabulary and grammar, but because they are spoken rather more slowly and more clearly.

Best of luck!

May 26, 2015

Thank you for the help!

May 26, 2015

I don't know why but when I speak Spanish, I always seem to have a Mexican accent along with it, but I don't think it has been hard for me with it.

May 30, 2015

Same for Italian with me :3

May 30, 2015
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