"Я студент, і він теж студент."

Translation:I am a student, and he is a student too.

May 26, 2015

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Should "I am a student and he too is a student" be correct as well?


But it is not a correct English sentence, as far as I know. "Too" should come at the end of the clause. However, "I am a student and he is also a student" should be right

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It is a correct English sentence, just surround "too" in commas:

I am a student and he, too, is a student.

It is usually done this way for emphasis and it's less natural, but still technically correct. In fact, it matches the style of the original sentence.


Oh, I did some googling and found out that it is indeed possible, but it is usually done only in very formal style. Thank you for your remark


Ah, I understand. Thanks.

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This sentence "I'm a student and he's a student too" was using "male student" (translated as just "student" in English) - is it possible to translate "I'm a student and he's a student too" if one of them is a female student? My question is: can "also/too" be used in a Ukrainian sentence when the word genders are different, or only when the word is the same?

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