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  5. "Kammen er til pigerne."

"Kammen er til pigerne."

Translation:The comb is for the girls.

May 26, 2015



Still not sure on the different usage of 'til' and 'for' for the english 'for'.


I found an straight (but tough) answer to this: http://sproget.dk/raad-og-regler/artikler-mv/svarbase/SV00001173 ........i can translate the following: "Grammar says the difference is that TIL is an independent adverbial phrase while FOR is an atribute added to a noun." Several examples are given for the same idea in this page. Checking a grammar book, I also found specifically: TIL_indirect object, FOR_cause,means..."Det er til dig" =it is for you. "Det er for dig"=it is because of you (for your fault)


One comb for all the girls? What's the Danish word for "head lice"?


Kammen er til folk med hår.


I would appreciate if there is another word to learn insead of "kammen". Something people normally speak about


One comb + many girls = lice

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