"Kammen er til pigerne."

Translation:The comb is for the girls.

May 26, 2015

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Still not sure on the different usage of 'til' and 'for' for the english 'for'.


I found an straight (but tough) answer to this: http://sproget.dk/raad-og-regler/artikler-mv/svarbase/SV00001173 ........i can translate the following: "Grammar says the difference is that TIL is an independent adverbial phrase while FOR is an atribute added to a noun." Several examples are given for the same idea in this page. Checking a grammar book, I also found specifically: TIL_indirect object, FOR_cause,means..."Det er til dig" =it is for you. "Det er for dig"=it is because of you (for your fault)


One comb for all the girls? What's the Danish word for "head lice"?


Kammen er til folk med hår.


One comb + many girls = lice


I would appreciate if there is another word to learn insead of "kammen". Something people normally speak about


Well, people sometimes talk about combs, so why not? If you are missing certain words, you can look them up in any dictionnary.

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