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  5. "Де мама?"

"Де мама?"

Translation:Where is mom?

May 26, 2015



I never thought I'd find anything from portuguese to be similar to ukrainian. But "de mama?" sounds like a baby asking where his mom is in portuguese; "de" being short for "cadê"; "where is". Interesting.


That's really interesting)


As well, similar to "Donde mama´?" in Spanish as well


Isnt there seperate words for where is or the? If i used those words to say the same sentence would it still be understood/accepted? I hope that made sense haha


If I understand your question correctly, де is the word for "where." Ukrainian does not use articles, which means there are no words for "a," "an," or "the." There are other ways to express the kinds of certainty or uncertainty articles give us in English, but oftentimes sentences taken out of context can be translated with either "a" or "the."


'Where is' = 'де є'.

Yes, it's still an accepted form of speech.


Similar to romanian "unde" :)


Could this also be used as in Where mom like were is IT mum


It could be if it were in a conversation and the object were implied (Mom says, "Put the axe down," and the child says, "Where, Mom?"). But the inflection in the audio in this case doesn't match that and when written, there would be a comma before "мама."


I'm confused about Д. Is it pronounced like 'd' or more like 'dj'.

Also, what is тома? Is it like an affectionate name for someone?


Д is pronounced like an English d, not like a dj. It might take you a while to get used to hearing Ukrainian, but once you do, you'll hear this too.


From what I have heard, д is pronounced more like dj.

And тома is saying a specific name; in English it would be 'Toma' as in 'Where is Toma?'


Ukrainian 'Д' = English 'D'.

Ukrainian 'ДЖ' = English 'DJ' sound.

Ukrainian 'Ж' as in 'жаба' ('zhaba' / frog) = Еnglish 'ZH' .

'Тома' is a name.


i have a tablet and am in the US so i cant type in ukrainian and got it wrong.


Google 'Ukrainian keyboard on [Windows/Android/Apple] tablet".

If you can't download a language pack then you could Google "Online Ukrainian keyboard" to type out the answer and copy and paste it into Domingo. The first is definitely the better option if you can do either.

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