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"Du hast mitunter Spiegel in der Tasche."

Translation:You have mirrors now and then in the bag.

December 26, 2012



You have mirrors now and then in your bag. In German it would be "Hin und wieder/Ab und an hast du Spiegel(plural) in deiner Tasche". But who carries so many mirrors with her :D?


Is the difference between "the bag" and "your bag" simply implied by the sentence, or is there a grammar construct doing so that I am not noticing?


To translate 'your bag' I think the writer would have needed to use 'deiner', or given us more context to infer it from. However, the way it is now with 'der' can also be translated 'the bag'!


No! That's not the correct translation. "You have mirrors now and then in your bag"? So somebody now and then have something in his bag, according to this sentence. Instead of having it sometimes. O-0.

I know that it doesn't look like i have been politedly and productive. But i really believe that this will call some attention into this. I'm a little sorry for saying this, but it is for the quality of the Site. Please Duolingo staff. I like much the job done. But correct these mistakes with your specialists in German. That's urgent.

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