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Just found another YT channel offering video lessons.


Thanks for this. And I also want to say thanks for the course. It was well worth the wait. I am loving Ukrainian!


sprechen sie Deutsch


No, I'm afraid I do not.


Sprechen Sie Deutsch?


For those of you who feel more confident and need conversational practice - I created a Zello channel for Ukrainian learners. I myself just discovered this Zello app (push-to-talk technology). Found some interesting channels where people chat using their phones as walkie-talkies. Zello works worldwide and it sounds ok with 2G, 3G,4G or wifi connection types.

If you are a Zello user - join Я вчу українську! I learn Ukrainian! channel. I will let English learners from our Ukrainian community know, maybe some of them are on Zello. It could be an exchange channel - you practice some Ukrainian with them, then they practice their English with you.

UPD: the channel is deleted. Try searching for Я вивчаю українську! I study Ukrainian!


There's a book in the Hippocrene Beginners series for Ukrainian that has really good reviews on Amazon. I can't vouch for that book specifically, but I have one for Danish and I really like it! Also, I recently found out that I can access Transparent Languages for free by signing up through my library and they have a decent Ukrainian section/course on their site. The audio isn't the best, but it isn't horrible either. It's worth checking into!


This book is indeed very good for self learning!


I'd add VK.com to the list, sign up and you can find all kinds of music, videos, and interesting communities/pages in Ukrainian (and Russian, too) on there.


I have found a streaming movies site with a large selection of Ukrainian language films.



Together with the friends from Instytut Skovorody we started filming the interviews on the streets of Kyiv with Ukrainian & English subtitles. Enjoy!



This is great thanks. Just subscribed to the Youtube channel. My god the language sounds so fast... It's going to help me practise..I think.


A beginner might not know that many of these interviews are in Russian, not Ukrainian.


Spent 7 months in Ukraine and I loved it! The people, the food, the language, everything :) Looking forward to increasing my knowledge of the language. Thank you for posting this!


When will the immersion feature be available for the Ukrainian course


What's the "immersion feature"?


I heard that there will be no immersion for any other languages except for the original languages


A really good one is "Learning Ukrainian with Roman" on YouTube


This is cool! Thanks!


Thank you very much!

[deactivated user]

    Дуже дякую!)))) :)


    I have got my perfect book for learning Ukrainian. I have been trying to learn it for a long time but this book has helped me considerably and I don't even have it for that long. It's called: Beginner's Ukrainian and it was written by Yuri Shevchuk. He has been a professor of Ukrainian in America for something like 10 or 20 years and got fed up that there were no good Ukrainian course books so decided to write his own. Check it out..I really LOVE it. Even though I tried other books and just couldn't get through them...


    Yuri Shevchuk is a genius, and his book is fantastic. I've learned more about Ukrainian from that book than any other resource I've found.


    I wish I had that book! I think I might buy it!


    I am starting Ukrainian like right now =)


    Ukrainian is such a wonderful language and its not that hard to learn


    Here's another FB page with Ukrainian music: https://www.facebook.com/ukr.song/


    http://www.surfacelanguages.com/ - дуже ПОГАНИЙ ресурс! Не рекомендую! There is a very bad pronouciation.


    OMG!!!! I FOUND A UKRAINIAN LANGUAGE LEARNER'S PARADISE!!!! It's so hard to find good Ukrainian resources because all the focus is on Russian, and many people believe that the two languages are one and the same (which the most certainly aren't). This is great!


    I started Ukrainian today and I love it


    i started ukrainian its great fun and such a wonderful language


    As did I. Same response! Beautiful language and looking forward to doing more involving Ukrainian.

    [deactivated user]

      Я люблю the Baby Ukrainian channel, lol. Good for vocabulary and pretty colors to boot :)


      I have a curious question since I'm a bit short on time to look much into the link at present--is Ukrainian cursive pretty much the same as Russian? (which I tried to learn, but I think what I was using wasn't as good as your link, so I will probably review.) Since it is the same alphabet... (at least basically; I don't know yet if there might be a few quirky letters analogous to English vs. French or vs. German)


      Dou you mean cursive (handwriting) or italics? Either way, Cyrillic IS a script that has pretty stable shapes across languagse. Bulgarian typographic tradition sometimes uses "straight italics" (i.e. the shapes common for handwritten letters are tranferred to the design of "regular" non-italic font) and there are a few different italic letters in Serbian and Macedonian but that's all.

      Did you try to learn reading Russian cursive or writing it?


      Cursive as in handwriting. (I didn't know about the way the word's used to denote italics! ;) ) I was mostly focusing on writing it, but I think that should have the side effect of my eventually being able to read it, no?

      As a better example of what I was asking, this German cursive chart on Wikipedia ( http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deutsche_Kurrentschrift#/media/File:Deutsche_normalschrift_ab_01091941.jpg ) is relatively similar to and certainly should be mutually intelligible with what I learned of cursive handwriting roughly sixty years later as an English speaker. But there are a few differences-- the four letters that aren't used in English (although the only difference for three of them is the umlaut), and the letter p apparently is often left unclosed at the bottom in that script...

      I'm hoping for only those sorts of differences between Ukrainian and Russian cursives/handwriting. Though with a language I don't know so well yet because of limited vocabulary/recognition, it can be hard to make out what handwritten letters should be, even in a Latin alphabet, if it's not written very neatly.


      I posted that mini-chart elsewhere. It sums up the letters that are quite different from their printed forms or may cause difficulties even if similar (for example, и looks like u, which does not actually change the shape but still may be misinterpreted by a speaker of English).

      Handwriting taught in Russian schools is surprisingly similar to the German chart you linked to.



      You're referring to the one you included here? (Sorry, it took me a little while to think of that possibility--but sometimes I'm not very clever about that sort of thing. X) If you don't mind my saying, and that is what you mean, "this mini-chart" would probably have been clearer than "that mini-chart".)

      I also found Vinnfred's post in this topic: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/8775264 that has a full chart, more for anyone else reading this conversation. (there is a letter Ґ that doesn't seem to be in Russian)

      The Т, when it's one of the look-alike letters in print, looking like our m and to some extent the lowercase Д looking like the English cursive for g are probably the trickiest for me, although the lowercase cursive З actually both resembles the letter and suggests its pronunciation by looking like my English cursive z. (at least according to the resource from which I was learning the alphabet for Russian.) Well, those are trickiest aside from the sequences of the similar looking letters that can be difficult to distinguish. (English cursive has this, but with other letters--"minimum", for instance, could be difficult to understand when handwritten.)

      And--as I probably should have done, but sometimes I have trouble figuring out what to search for, I googled it and found a discussion of differences between the two languages' alphabets http://masterrussian.net/f42/ukrainian-russian-alphabet-diffs-3689/ (again, more for future/ other people's reference)


      I heard the Ukranian course does not use Ґ. It is a rather rare letter used to represent the "g" sound (as in "go"). However, in Russian it is the sound a normal Г represents.

      Ukranian default Г is different from the Russian one, but they are etymologically related and are both rendered by the same letter. Using a fricative variation of "g" is also characteristiс of southern Russian dialects.


      Serbian italic г and т are quite special.


      Great course so far!


      I like the audio on the Ukranian lessons, but they are very quiet and hard to hear on an iPhone or iPad. Can they be made louder, like the French, for example. Also, I'd like audio added to more of the exercises (also like the French). Thanks!


      I've no idea if it's possible to do anything about the volume, I believe it has to do with them having had to do a lot of sound reduction on the recordings.

      However, regarding the sentences without audio, that's because there was no good, cost effective TTS (text to speech) engine available for Ukrainian, and they had to get a native speaker to record the sentences. I think it's simply too expensive to record every single sentence, and prohibitively complex to chop the audio up and attach the audio to each single word. This is why the courses without a TSS (to my knowledge, just Irish, Ukrainian and Esperanto, all from English) have less audio than the courses with TTS.


      Ah, okay. I'd rather have the audio we do than a poor TSS. Ukranian pronunciation seems pretty easy anyway. It seems to follow stricter rules than Russian. Also, either there are a lot fewer occurances of soft consonants than Russian or they are a lot more subtle. It sounds kind of like a cross between Russian and Italian. Pretty language.


      Yes, the lack of vowel reduction makes Ukrainian more say-what-you-see than Russian!


      thank you very much, as ukranian is not a very popular lenguage where i live it's nice to find all this sources.


      https://babadum.com a game for learning new vocab


      I am starting Ukrainian today, and I am enjoying it so much! I have to learn French for school, which is fun also, but I am doing Ukrainian for fun. I still like French better, but this is a truly beautiful language


      Here is a good and well structured resource about Ukrainian. https://ukrainskamova.com/. It is in Ukrainian, so probably for advanced learners.


      I can help you with Ukrainian. Please write me on olehfromukraine@gmail.com


      1) Guys, here is a recent resource, developed by our state servants - especially for foreigners for studying English - https://speakukraine.net/ Enjoy it :) 2) Here is the channel where you will be able to find new Ukrainian artists with modern Ukrainian songs (You will be able to find any types - from traditional Ukrainian folk to dup-step and metal in Ukrainian). Have fun! - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9CO8ORc_MqV_mMCzVPW27w 3) (For gamers) - https://uk.gametranslation.net/list/?fbclid=IwAR14uEPDLFLa0bu-_rPzS4eWsQEqzbEYxbX7JBUx0eKvK9RJE4s7GcjL3zw - the list of games on Steam, translated and localized in the Ukrainian language (fully or textually); the list of Ukrainian-speaking streamers on Twitch with the future and current projects of translations) - you can watch the broadcast while the streamer is online or offline. 4) The curator of Ukrainian translated games on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/curator/2498681-Ukrainian-Translations/ 5) Funny memes in Ukrainian: https://nohumor.in.ua/# 6) https://sluhay.com.ua/ - the site with dozens of audiobooks by Ukrainian authors in Ukrainian (for advanced learners). 7) https://was.media/uk/# - the wonderful online journal in Ukrainian - about the most intriguing events in global history! 8) https://mala.storinka.org/%D0%B1%D0%BB%D0%BE%D0%B3-%D0%BE%D0%BB%D1%8C%D0%B3%D0%B8-%D1%88%D0%B0%D1%80%D0%BA%D0%BE-%D0%BF%D1%80%D0%BE-%D0%BC%D0%BE%D0%B2%D1%83.html?fbclid=IwAR0TJo3Q-Z7iYCwy64deKo9fNCfSnpQDpMvko15i13leB-65W_MqmfxWafw - the blog of one Ukrainian girl about the Ukrainian language :) 9) https://pinsel-ar.com/ - the VR museum of Ukrainian sculptors and works of architecture (available in Ukrainian, German, English, Czech, and Polish as well) 10) https://mizky.com/ - an awesome site about the works of our brain and our mind (fully in Ukrainian) - FOR ADVANCED LEARNERS 11) https://mta.ua/ - Ukrainian online-shop full of nice goodies and awesome devices (fully in Ukrainian) 12) The family of Ukrainian-speaking bloggers: a) https://www.instagram.com/sashaabo/?hl=uk - Ukrainian beauty-blogger, famous (Ukrainian-speaking mother) b) https://www.instagram.com/pustovit/ - Ukrainian blogger, has a YouTube channel, Ukrainian-speaking father. 10) https://nachasi.com/ - and finally here is the resource for the quick and interesting practice of Ukrainian (the actual news about technology, culture and society in Ukraine) - available only in Ukrainian in two variants: the Cyrillic Ukrainian and Romanized Ukrainian (it may be useful for Polish, Czech and Croatian people and many people, who use Romanized languages in their speaking) From Ukraine - with love :3 Успіхів вам у навчанні, козаки :-)


      (Unofficial) Duolingo Ukrainian Stories have been launched: https://carex.uber.space/stories/index.html?lang=uk&lang_base=en


      i cant get the keyborad to work


      Дуже дякую! <3


      I can recommend you Youtube channel which leads beautiful girl from Ukraine. There you can find many interesting information about Ukraine cities,language,grammar and much other information https://www.youtube.com/user/Solnce712/videos


      I started doing the Ukrainian course today and it seems good so far, but right off the bat I noticed that there isn't that much audio. I think there should be some audio to go along with the words to learn pronounciation and just to cement the words into one's head. Possibly it get's better once you pass the "Letters" section, but that is just something I noticed. Good luck developing this further!


      You can read interesting facts about Ukraine in official twitter account - https://twitter.com/Ukraine


      Thanks for this post, this makes everything more fun. One question. Is there like a website where you can chat with random Ukrainian people? Just to get a better feeling with the language.


      I think you'll find such people on http://www.interpals.net/


      merci, thank you a lot ;) (dankjewel)


      Might I propose UkrainianLanguage.org.uk? A collection of resources supporting the study of Ukrainian http://www.ucrainica.info/


      A new English-Ukrainian dictionary has been created: https://yenotes.com


      thank you! so helpful!


      Please introduce a comprehensive source for learning Ukrainian, from the beginning to advanced levels.


      https://ukrainian-zone.com Good resource where you can listen to a native speaker and follow the text given


      Дякую. Дуже цікаво!


      Two great resources I have found are Www.Ukrainianlessons.com. Анна does an excellent podcast teaching Ukrainian plus with bonus cultural information included OneMinuteUkranian Podcast by RadioLingua network. It is very basic but very good and a great stepping stone into the language.

      Hope this helps Джей


      Ukrainian-zone.com is an open resource for Ukrainian language learners that was created by couple of native speakers who care about their language and culture. Here we have created different series of lessons for every students level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced. Each lesson consists of vocabulary section with voice record of the word, some learning materials itself, exercises and audio recorded by the native speakers.


      My two cents - or, better said, Мої п'ять копійок:

      https://www.ukma.edu.ua/eng/ufl/ - Ukrainian as a Foreign Language for Beginners, and https://ukr-mova.in.ua/ - this one is for more advanced learners.


      How would download the Cyrillic alphabet onto your computer? I'm finding I have to pass on commands to write the answer to a question in Ukrainian.


      It depends on your system. Best course of action, Google, "How to get Ukrainian keyboard for [your system here]"


      https://myrotvorets.center/player/ has awesome songs in Ukrainian.


      Add polish for ukrainian speakers


      Hello, I have achieved level 5 in Ukrainian. Are there any higher levels or is this all?

      Learn Ukrainian in just 5 minutes a day. For free.