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  5. "She is a military doctor."

"She is a military doctor."

Translation:Is dochtúir míleata í.

May 26, 2015



dochtuir mileata ata inti is not okay? i know i am missing my accents, but i thought in could be used this eay


It can, though it does have a slightly different meaning. If it's not accepted with the correct use of the fada, please report it as an error.


How is the meaning different? Does the copula offer a more permanent sense in this example?


Why not "tá dochtúir míleata í"?


Because you don't use the verb when using one noun to describe or categorize another noun (or pronoun), you have to use the copula.

You can't say tá sé fear, you have to say is fear é, and you can't say tá dochtúir í, you have to say is dochtúir í. Mileata is just an adjective, and doesn't change the primary "noun is a noun" structure of the sentence.


Why is there not a second "í"?

Is É an nuachtán oifigiúil é? Vs Is dochtúir míleata í

Could someone help me on this?


While writing that I noticed the definite article in the first sentence. Im sure it has something to do with that.


You use an indefinite article to classify something, you use a definite article to identify something. The structure of the Irish copula depends on whether you are making a classification or an identification.

"She is a military doctor" is a classification copula. "It is the official newspaper" is an identification copula.


Why not "Dochtúir míleata is ea í." ?

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