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duolingo feedback

soo today i received a mail from duolingo team telling me that now they accept my translation.

Hi banay, You suggested “costruiamo i mobili” as a translation for “We build furniture.” We now accept this translation. :) Thanks for the contribution, please keep it up!

it made me smile. i didnt know there's such a thing.

thank you duolingo team!

September 27, 2013



I think it's great! Congratulations! So we get feedback in German, French, now in Italian, but STILL NO SPANISH. Please someone, anyone, let us know if anyone in Spanish is listening to our feedback.


I got one of these emails a couple of days ago for a suggested translation in Spanish ... so yes, somebody is listening! And, it was only a day or two after I reported the suggestion...


That is so exciting! Although the response YOU received means that none of my suggested translations are correct, I'm glad to know my efforts aren't in vain.


P.S. I just reviewed a lesson where an answer was now accepted that was once marked wrong. I never received a reply when I said my answer should have been accepted, but Duo made the change anyway. Maybe the only person to receive a reply is the one who is the tipping point of complaints in whatever logarithm Duo uses.


They have been doing that for a long time (nearly a year) but it used to take weeks or months to get a reply -- I received an email 3 months after my post. I think they have sped up the process. ;)


I took a test to translate the coffee I entere le café, and it showed 4 times as wrong. Pls fix it. Thanks, Ms Orioli.

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