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an English Part of speech question

So this has been driving me nuts because I can't quite seem to figure it out, and it's language related... though English, so maybe I can get some help here. I'm just trying to figure out the part of speech for the word "all" in this sentence:

They are all jealous of me.

I think it's an adjective, but can you have two adjectives in row in a sentence like this? I thought it might've been an adverb too but "all" is not describing jealous, it's describing "are"...

September 27, 2013



I'd call it an adjective modifying "they", like "we are tall".


It can be an adjective (all day) or a pronoun (I ate it all).


That would be an adjective too. "All" would be a pronoun in "All send their love" or "All is quiet.". In "They are all jealous" it's an adjective.

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