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  5. "Goodbye, friends!"

"Goodbye, friends!"

Translation:До побачення, друзі!

May 26, 2015



I'm having trouble knowing which syllable(s) to stress in general.... Like if I read this in my head I may pronounce each syllable correctly individually but stress the wrong one. Any pointers for this? Or is it just memorizing how words are pronounced?


I dont know how to tell what syllable to stress in everything but in this case, its до поБАчиння ДРУзі I think. Thats how the lady tends to say it


I guess i should just know when to use і and when to use и.


I see you're either learning or speaking Russian. The letter и does not sound the same in Ukrainian and Russian. In Ukrainian, и sounds closer to Russian ы, while the Ukrainian i corresponds to Russian и. So if you want the consonant to be softened, you use i in Ukrainian.


"ї" palatalises the preceding consonant (if it is possible), "и" does not. In case you are not familiar with the phenomenon, it means that the middle part of the tongue is raised while pronouncing the consonant.

The difference in vowel quality is a bit similar to the difference between bit and beat. The Ukranian и is a vowel that has your tongue a little more to the back and a little lower. The Ukranian і is a usual tense and clear [i] sound, like in meat, heed, see, me, leave.

Since neither of is a native speaker, we should just memorize which of the sounds a certain word has. :)

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