"Hun selv lager frokost."

Translation:She herself is making breakfast.

May 26, 2015

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"selv" also means "even", right? Wouldn't "She is even making breakfast" also work? Or does it depend on the word order what "selv" means?


Selv doesn't make sense to translate like that unless it also has om as in "selv om"

Edit: It translates to "even" only in the context of "even though" (unless it is in front of the pronoun/noun, as stigjohan points out). In your sentence even would be "til og med": Hun lager til og med frokost.

Edit 2: I didn't remember the possibility stigjohan pointed out since we pretty much only use "til og med" like that in my dialect. Sorry.


That is not quite true. "Selv hun lager frokost" means "Even she is making breakfast", while "Hun lager til og med frokost" means "She is even making breakfast". "Selv om" is closer to "even though", I think.


Okay, so I'll just stick to "til og med" :) Thanks!


Bare hyggelig! By the way, there's even a third way to use "selv":

"Hun lager frokost selv" means "She's making breakfast by herself".

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