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Getting bored

Is it only me or anyone else is getting bored over time with the repetitive structure of duolingo?

May 16, 2012



Omg sooo bored. It is so repetitive and uses the same sentences over and over. Practice mode sucks too because it reverts back to the exact same ultra basic questions over and over making it a real trial of wading through boring repetition before i find a question that makes me feel like im being challenged


Thank you all for sharing your opinions. Maybe I just need to give it a little break and refresh the mind.


I totally agree.

Duo is nice for starting getting to know a language. But at a certain point it is a waste of time. Especially the sentences that are far from using in everyday life make Duo time consuming.

So at a certain point I recommend to move forward. Get a good grammar book and use for example AnkiDroid. It is some work to do your own cards, yet the learn effect is much better. On top of that you can create suitable sentences that you can use in everyday life.

Though Duo is a nice idea and makes fun in the beginning, the learning should be much more based on science and linguistics.


My daughter is getting bored in Duolingo's learning english. But I'm sure she will get newer interest when she discovers she's able to digest basic reader books written in english. I'll get some of those readers.


I know it can get dull at times, but that is the nature of learning a language. You want to learn it for a lifetime, not just to pass a test or a course, and then forget about it. When I get tired, I go to another part of DuoLingo, a 'free' language course on the 'net, or another entirely different educational course like Khan Academy on the 'net. Please do not skip modules, because you will be surprised how many gaps (holes) you will have in your education. Good luck. It is worth the hard work!


Yep... After almost one year I came back here today, to try to keep on my German, it is SO boring... :( Problem is, it's always the same, and the same, and the same, aaaand the same questions and sentences you do everyday for practice.

Yes, you learn, but you need to practice what you learned a few days ago, so you must go through the same over and over again, which is frustrating, and boring, because you already know what you're gong to be asked,


Extremely boring.

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