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  5. "En gutt er et barn."

"En gutt er et barn."

Translation:A boy is a child.

May 26, 2015



Are En and et just diferent types of definite articles

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    Indefinite articles

    "En" is for masculine and feminine nouns, "Et" is for neuter nouns

    The definite articles are attached directly onto the end of the noun, eg.

    En mann - a man Mannen - the man

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    "en" and "et" are indefinite articles.


    For anyone from the North of England, if you heard the word 'bairn' in a dialect, it comes from Norse and means child too.


    I suspected this! (Although I'm an American and my only exposure to the word "bairn" has been in British literature.)

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    Not exactly. The Old English (Anglo-Saxon) word for a child was "bearn". They are cognates, but the word was already part of English when the Vikings got there.


    Ein gut er eit barn. (Nynorsk)


    any body have a method or strategy to learn how we can choose between en ei et .... our teacher told us that is no rules. We have to learn every word alone

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      Unfortunately, there aren't any rules. When you learn a new Norwegian word, you have to memorise the whole word (article + word itself) and have some kind of a vocabulary learning strategy in place. Easiest and old-fashioned are:

      • post-it notes
      • flashcards
      • writing the word every day for one week


      من دستم خورد

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