"So far so good!"

Translation:Så langt så godt!

May 26, 2015

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Is this actually something Norwegians say? Or just a literal translation of an English saying


It's actually something we say. An alternative version is "Så langt, så vel".


Why can't I say "Så langt, alt vel." Does it not mean the same thing?


It does, and I've added it now.


Bare hyggelig!

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    It's actually something we say.

    I have to disagree. I clicked on the comments exactly because 'så langt så godt' is not something that Norwegians say - I've never heard an expression like that. The only way it could enter the language is as a bad attempt to use an English expression. And there are unfortunately a few of those that, for some reason, some think are ok to 'translate'. Another pet peeve of mine (something I've actually seen, unlike the sentence in question) is 'fortell meg om det', a literal translation of "tell me about it", which absolutely does not work in Norwegian.


    Well I am not Norwegian so I don't know. But in German we use the same thing: So weit (weit = far), so gut. It therefor is not only English which uses this expression. So I don't see why it would sound so weird in Norwegian, since a lot of times it seems Norwegian is right in the middle of English and German.

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      The problems with the (non-existing) answer sentence are severel, not the least that "godt" doesn't match the meaning of "good" here. The sentence really sounds clumsy.


      Jeg holder med deg, THAson. Jeg synes det låter mye mer naturlig å si "enn så lenge er det bra/godt" eller bra/godt enn sp lenge".

      Jeg har aldri hørt noen si "så langt så godt".


      Why do these words take the -t?


      Adverbs that are derived from adjectives usually take the neuter form.


      ''så'' can be used as both the SOs in english? ''I was hungry, so i got a bit to eat'' vs ''I am so hungry'' one being used as a transition and one being used for emphasis.


      Why is 'hittil' not a synonym for 'så langt' here? Doesn't it mean the same?

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