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  5. "De mannen eten geen vlees."

"De mannen eten geen vlees."

Translation:The men do not eat meat.

May 26, 2015



Bro it mean also vegetarian. I seen a lot of meat eaters collapsing during the mountain marathon of 54 Kilometers and I, as a vegetarian i resist till the end! The real sterotype is think you really need meat for take energy, and that is not true.


Can you people just laugh at a joke? Stop taking yourselves so seriously..


No i'm just saying it, i didn't insult anyone, is the reverse, i was just trying to express my opinion because this thing about belittle vegetarians is so stupid so I explained my experience, and i don't want support the other guy. Normally i don't comment for larpers and honestly i know this guy is joking.


Man.. it's a joke, most people are aware that meat is bad for you and the environment. People laugh at all kinds of things, it doesn't mean they agree


Well is what i said. I'm conscious this is a joke.


Damn meat-eaters, living in the past. That habbit will die with a one last pride movement, but it will die.


It was just a joke lol


I wrote the men don't eat meat and i don't understand why is wrong what's the difference between do not and don't?


One of the options was The men do not eat children. If that wasnt the answer, do they still eat children o-o they might eat human flesh.


...the men are eating not of the flesh... why no?!


but it is an acceptable translation is it not?, even if it could be translated into Dutch differently its meaning is the same in English as the answer given. but thanks for translating my phrase - would your sentence have different meaning to the one given i wonder ?


As a vegan english girl vlees =flesh of an animal and shouldnt be incorrect


Why is the word "flesh" not appropriate here????? I wrote it and the site says it's wrong.


While vlees is the cognate to "flesh," saying that you are eating flesh sounds in English as though one is engaging in cannibalism. "Flesh" in English tends to be reserved for referring to what humans have--not always, but often. Hence using the word "flesh" to refer to generic meat is often a no-no in English.


hmmmmm, okk. thanks.

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