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Improvement Suggestion

Don't some of us get very tired of scrolling down our trees so we can learn a new skill? I know I do, so I thought I would offer my suggestion to improve Duolingo. This change would put the level of skills you are learning at the top of your tree. The one negative thing about this is that you won't be scrolling down past all your decayed skills, but I think this might inspire people to get right to work when they log in. Let me now what y'all think!


May 26, 2015



When I had just joined Duolingo was testing a next skill button. But, I guess it didn't pass the test as they removed it soon after.


I didn't know that... must have been before I started using Duolingo! Or maybe not. Somehow I am never selected to participate in these A/B tests, I'm always in the control group.


It used to be a button at the top. I don't think they are testing it anymore. Here is an image of it, as it used to be.


Yeah, I remember that button! I always used it until they removed it...


I think this idea is awesome, but, maybe it could show another line below the first titled "Skills that need strengthening" or something.


Well, for me, that would be the entire rest of the tree anyway, bc I'm, too lazy to strengthen skills... lol. But that's definitely another thing that could be considered :) Good idea!


I really like your idea, too.


This makes me dizzy.


...Running circles in my head.

This is a great idea and I totally agree! For those who do not agree: there could be an option to switch if they are uncomfortable or for whatever reason or habit.


Not a bad idea! Do you mean that the tree would be backwards, or do you mean that it would simply show your only one skill you are currently studying? Both would work, I suppose not the backwards idea though. I think there are many things DL could improve, such as strengthening. Sometimes I log on to DL simply to realize that the skill I just strengthened yesterday is weak again......I think that could use some work. Not a bad idea, asawp! :D


I was thinking just the row of skills would show at the top of the tree. Another idea would be to bring one of the "groups" up (you know, the tree is divided into groups you can test out of?) Thanks!


Yes, I get it......bringing up a group wouldn't be a bad idea, in fact I think that would work very well! :D


Also, perhaps you could collapse the skills, and they would have gold writing except it would turn black if there was one weakened, and you could expand your tree and refresh it. I also like your idea a lot!


It could collapse all the rows of skills that you learned, like you suggest, and that would bring the current row of skills higher too! I really like the idea of Gold lettering :)


Interesting! I've wondered myself why the currently-working-on skills don't appear right at the top.


Cool! I think we should do it! By the way,how do you get pictures?


What do you mean? How to post them in the forum? Use this code ![](IMAGE-URL). I used screen-shots of my German tree for this example, combined them, and uploaded to Imgur :)


This very much so reminds me of the userscript to trim your tree. Go to the wiki and check it out!


Yes, a good idea! How about an adaptation to it as well, where you could drag a particular skill to a box down one side of the screen?
This would mean that you move any skills you wanted to practise more extensively into their own little area.
Perhaps it could be enabled only after the tree is completed, as an indicator of having achieved that milestone.
Having finished a tree, it seems to me that the game-like format runs out of steam a bit, and of course that's when the real work of properly learning the language begins. But even so, this would probably add a nice little bit of fun/involvement to the interface. Maybe worth another A/B test someday?


I really like your idea! I think you shouldn't be able to do that til you finish the tree, but I really think that would be very helpful for some people!


There's a userscript out there called "Duolingo - Trim Tree" (I think) that lets you do almost exactly this, except it shows the skills that need to be strengthened too and hides all the other skills instead of just putting the ones that are being studied or need to be reviewed at the top.



Here's a suggestion : to give all the possibilities of reporting a bug, even if you got the proper answer (I don't know if that possibility exists in some of the courses, but not in Hungarian Beta).

=>Because sometimes you can give the proper answer expected by Duolingo, and still would like to report that the English sentence has an error, which you can report only if you fail answering...

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