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  5. "You are my granddaughter."

"You are my granddaughter."

Translation:Ти моя онука.

May 26, 2015



what does adding є mean? I saw it was optional and its correct with or without it, but how does it change the meaning : 'ти є моя онука' vs 'ти моя онука'


It doesn't really change meaning. In some sentences it is just redundant (like in this one), other may become ambiguous if we omit є


Should "внучка" be marked as correct? It was marked correct for me except I was warned about a spelling error because I used a "В" instead of an "О". It's not a big deal to use онука/онучка, just wondering since I think technically "внучка" is also correct.


the ukrainian use "внучка" and "внук".

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