"I like it."

Translation:Jeg liker den.

May 26, 2015

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What's the difference between den and det here?


It could be both den and det here. "Den" is a replacement for a masculine word.

e.g. talking about a dog (en hund, masculine)

Jeg liker den. Jeg liker hunden. Jeg liker den hunden. - I like it. I like the dog. I like that dog.

Talking about a tree (et tre, neuter)

Jeg liker det. Jeg liker treet. Jeg liker det treet. - I like it. I like the tree. I like that tree

If it is not replacing a word, it is by deafult "det"


den is used when it refers back to a noun that is either masculine or feminine (or as a demonstrative pronoun equivalent to "that one. det can also be used for this if the noun it replaces is neuter").

det is accepted, right?


So 'den' is for replacing already mentioned masculine or feminine substantives, and 'det' is for the neuter ones? Got it.


Neuter ones as well as being used when it introduces nouns (when it doesn't replace any specific noun).

Give this exercise a try (click on "Det, den eller de?"): http://www3.hf.uio.no/iln/studier/evu/norskkurs/igin/niva3/Pronomen

Edit: reworded my sentence to make it more clear.


Before that question was Bjornen Spiser ham It seem i like the bear eating him xD


How do we know masculine vs feminine contexts?


Without any context, shouldn't it be "det" since we do not know what "it" refers to?


Vær så snill;)


How is she pronouncing "den" Can somebody please tell?


Yea i just heard a "nnn"


The 'den' is badly recorded/edited because it's hard to hear the first consonant

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