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  5. "Tá bia ó fhear."

" bia ó fhear."

Translation:A man wants food.

May 26, 2015



Certainly did not catch the "fhear" in this. Learned something new. But now I wonder about the pronunciation of "bhfear".


Eclipsed words change the pronunciation from the original letter to the new letter(s). In this case bh makes the v sound. The f is now not pronounced making it "vear" though the pronunciation would be "var". Unfortunately I dont have an IPA keyboard.


I thought bhfear would be okay too, is that because it's in the indefinite?


i believe so. nouns are lenited if they follow ó and other prepositions. Fear, lenited is Fhear. Bhfear is the eclipsed form of fear.


Yeah, I figured that out about a month after writing the question. :) But thank you for replying, I appreciate it.


Why is the fh silent here?


Fh is always silent in Irish.


Oh look something else new!! That we have never seen before!!


This is what makes it difficult to listen to a native speaker. fhear is pronounced "ar". When you see it written down you know what it is but hearing it it just gets lost.


Why is it " ó fhear " , lenition, from a man and "ón bhfear" eclipse, from the man.

If that's just the way it is, is it the same in the Ulster dialect I wonder ?

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