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Finished the Italian tree, still at level 12

I know this isn't very important, but I finished the italian tree, yet it's stuck at level 12 and 54% fluency, can this be fixed somehow? Thanks

May 26, 2015



Simply because you finished your tree does not place you in a high level. Leveling up is dependent on gaining the necessary amount of XPs and is wholly unrelated to your completion of the tree. If you continue using Duolingo by translating in Immersion and/or strengthening weak skills, you will continue to level up.

Your fluency in Italian is not based only on words you learn on Duolingo - that is why it is not higher. Duolingo alone will not make you fully fluent in a language. Hope this clears things up for you!


oh ok, I just thought finishing the tree meant you ended up at level 25 and 100% fluency, seems a little bit silly now that I think about it, thanks for clearing it up

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