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  5. "Behøver vi melk?"

"Behøver vi melk?"

Translation:Do we need milk?

May 26, 2015



What's the difference between behøver and trenger?


"Å trenge" can mean more than just "å behøve"

Nothing important though.

Trenge can mean to push something into a small or too small place.

Hun trengte ham opp et hjørne. - She pushed him up a corner


So could "Å trenge" and "å behøve" be used interchangeably, or is there a specific context, like "leker" and "spiller"?


They should be able to be used interchangably almost all the time .


What is the "leker" / "spiller" difference?


Leker is usually used in the context of playing like how children play while spiller is usually used when an object is being played/used. Barna leker. Jeg spiller ___

[deactivated user]

    Can spiller be used to talk about a person being used, as in treated unfairly 'De spiller ham for penger.'?


    In this case, I would think "Behøver vi melk?" is more of a question like 'Do we (as humans) need to drink milk?', while "Trenger vi melk?" means more like "Do we need (to buy) milk?". Have I got the nuances correct?


    The audio was a bit strange. I understood "hva høver vi melk", but I just skipped the question because I knew that wasn't the answer. :/


    That's what I heard too :(


    I think the audio in the lessons could be better. This is why I listen to Norwegian musikk to help me become accustomed to how the vowels are pronounced and words are spoken.


    Er vi kalver? Nei ;)


    "Han trenger noe melk!!!"

    Me: Attempting to translate, "He need some milk!!!"

    [deactivated user]

      Bare min katts melk.


      So do you "trenger" bread dough just like we knead bread.. which we pronounce the same as "need".


      I thought trenger was need. Trenger du melk?


      What happened to "Vi må"? Or is that just used when needing to DO something? Like "Vi må vasker____ "? Same with "Vi trenger"?


      Not a native, but since it's very similar in my native language, I hope I'm not too far off.

      Yes, må is used if you DO something. Vi må drikker vann. Vi må sove. The best englisch translation for må is 'have to'.

      In this example, you could say "Vi må kjøpe melk".

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