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  5. "På høsten leser vi bøker."

" høsten leser vi bøker."

Translation:In the fall we read books.

May 26, 2015



Why not 'om høsten'?


I was wondering the same: what is the difference between 'på høsten' and 'om høsten', if there is any? and also - using this opportunity :D - what's the difference between 'til høsten' and 'i høst'? i have a feeling that 'til høsten' means that something will happen before autumn begins, and 'i høst' - during the autumn, but i'm not sure.... can anyone help, please?


I made some notes on this a while back, so I'll type them up here for you.

Om + bestemt:
Generelt - Om sommeren er det varmt.

Til + bestemt:
Neste - Til høsten skal jeg studere.

I + ubestemt:
Siste - I sommer jobbet jeg.
Nå + Snart - I høst skal jeg jobbe.

I'm not a native, I'm still learning, so it would be cool if someone could verify this or expand further if necessary. Also my notes don't seem to include anything about på, so I assume it's also just used for general like om? I don't know.


thanks a lot, autiejai!

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