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<h1>Hi everyone, it's BenTheGeek here!</h1>

Last night i was thinking about Duolingo, and then an idea flew into my mind. "Hey!" I thought, "It would be super cool if Duo added a Search by Author box for the Discussion!". So, need i say more? Thanks for reading, ßěņŢhƹĜėēk P.S. Here's a screenshot i edited to show my idea: http://i.imgur.com/ws7d42I.png

September 27, 2013



Good idea. I would also like a place where I can see discussions that I created and discussions that I saved/bookmarked.


Hmm, that is a GREAT idea, Samsta!


That would be Awesome!


This is a great idea.


That certainly would help. Because then people would be able to search for me, and vote ALL my posts up (instead of just one)! :D

No, just kidding. Well, half kidding anyway.


Hardy har har, you're so funny, Tim!


What I don't like is not being able to search for users who contributed to a particular exercise discussion. I would like it for searching for profile names in general because if you click on the profile name during a lesson, you get knocked out of the whole lesson and have to start over. Edit: ok I was wrong, when you search on a user name, it only gives the discussion where someone mentioned your user name within a particular post. It does not take you to their profile page automatically. I wish it did.


If a user here has made a post, you can already search for them in the search box.

That will only take you to their profile. Unless it was posted very recently, it will take you ages to find the comment you're looking for.


I did edit that, but it does not take you to their profile page.


By the way, you can go to a user's profile page without having to leave your lesson. Just open the link in a new tab.

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