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  5. "Vi hater annonser!"

"Vi hater annonser!"

Translation:We hate ads!

May 26, 2015



Tusen takk, adblock! :)


shows ad on duolingo


They need money to sustain free high quality education. Alternatively you can get the premium option.


I don't. It's how many people get their hard-earned money, either on YouTube or own their own website.

But if you're talking specifically about ads on Duolingo, then sure. :D


Do not want to start a flame here, but there are other, much nicer ways of getting paid (donations on Patreon, for instance. Or doing something else and using YT only to gain popularity.) If you don't mind the ads though, it's, ofc, up to you.


Sure, but if you're just starting out on YouTube it's very hard to ask someone to donate. Anyway, you can skip most ads after five seconds, and some ads can actually be quite interesting and have some significance. It's only when several ads start popping up unwarranted that I have a minor problem with.

Anyhow, I don't want to start a flame war either. Just my two cents.


Ohh genau! Completely agree, ZL321! Although it's indeed understandable wha ramaskrik is trying to say, as well. : )


That is what exceptions are for. It's actually really trivial to set them.


"Ads" is short for "advertisements".

"Annonser" specifically refers to the sort of advertisements found in printed media, while "reklamer" covers all sorts of advertisements, including those appearing on the TV and radio.


Does the internet count as 'printed media' in this case? Because in Dutch it does.


Yes and no. You can use annonse for a (mostly) text based, static ad online, especially if it's found in an online newspaper or webzine, but I wouldn't use it for animated ads.

If you're refering to ads in a general sense, as in "There are too many ads on this website.", then you use "reklame".


Interesting, tusen takk!


And why is it wrong, if I don't write "ads", but the whole word advertisements??


They're both accepted on our end.

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