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  5. "I want the biggest cookie."

"I want the biggest cookie."

Translation:Jag vill ha den största kakan.

May 26, 2015



Kaka, kex= cookie? Kex was wrong. Why


A kex is usually more like a cracker or a digestive.


Shouldn't it be "störst" ? Since störtstA is for plural...


Swedish adjectives in definite superlative generally have an additional -e ending. This particular case is an irregular exception where it's -a instead. But it has nothing to do with the plural -a of e.g. the base form "stor". (Note though that störste would actually also be correct when describing males - this is a remnant from when Swedish had a more thorough gender-based adjective system.)


Is "Jag vil ha den kakan som är största" also a possibility? It was marked wrong. Is it not swedish or does it have a different meaning?


Well, it's a completely different construction - corresponds to "I want the cookie which is the biggest". And you have a few typos, it should be Jag vill ha den kakan som är störst, although you could also use indefinite kaka and/or definite den största - Swedish is a bit flexible here.


"Jag vill ha den störste kakan" translates to "I want to have the biggest cookie". I think the more correct translation is "jag vill den störste kakan"


No, Swedish doesn't work like English here. You need vill ha for nouns, you can never just vill nouns. Also, note that it's största, not störste. You can only (and optionally) use störste for males.

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