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  5. "These are my shoes."

"These are my shoes."

Translation:Disse er skoene mine.

May 26, 2015



Dette er mine sko, should be correct


I'm pretty sure you have to use "disse" or "det".

Anyone else have an input?

Edit: When I think about it, these can't be det either. Since it's a plural noun you use disse.

Edit 2: Looked it up in a book on norwegian grammar. If the demonstrative is in front of the verb å være(and its other forms) and the noun it refers to comes afterwards it has to be dette or det.


Well, as a native speaker I've NEVER said "disse er skoene mine", I've said " dette er mine sko" However, if you say: "These shoes are mine", then the translation " Disse skoene er mine" would be correct.


Fixed! Now it's "Disse skoene er mine."

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