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"The photographers are taking pictures at the wedding."

Translation:Fotografene tar bilder i bryllupet.

May 26, 2015



Is there a reason why "Fotografene tar bilder på bryllupet" is incorrect? In the Family skill when the word bryllup was introduced the pronoun used for "at" was på, so I'm not entirely sure why it would be incorrect in this instance.


Not even Norwegians know when to use "i" and when to use "på". Sometimes both work, sometimes only one. They just have to be memorized.


Huh...prepositions are goofy. :P Tusen takk! :D


Is it known, historically speaking, how it came to be?


How what came to be?

If you mean the etymological origin of the preposition på, I'd like to know this, too. It has similarities to Russian по, which makes me wonder if both come from a common Indo-European root.

However, Wiktionary gives its etymology as "From Old Norse upp á, compare English upon." Which doesn't quite go back to Indo-European. :-)


The reasoning I mention above doesn't work. However, I have spotted another possible pattern. 'In the' nearly always seems to be 'i' & 'in a' uses 'på'. I'm not sure though as it's 'på kantoret'. Eeeek!


I thought that neutral nouns with one syllable had no plural form (the plural form is the same as the singular one : et bord - bord Why not bild ?


It has been quite a while since you asked, but I think it is because the neuter noun in this case is actually two syllables - et bilde, not et bild.


Thanks anyway. I have improved my Norwegian since then.


Ooh, tricky with the whole på / i thing. Maybe 'på restauranten' (because a restaurant is a physical building that you can see) but 'i bryllupet' because a wedding isn't a place / solid building. Is that possibly the difference?

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