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How do I comment on an edit?

I just edited a text and looked up the definition to back my finding, how do I add comments to that to help my cause :) thanks

September 27, 2013



Unfortunately you can only comment on translations when you make an edit. One "trick", if you want to leave a comment on the current edit without changing the translation, is to change the sentence minorly (like remove the period from the end), click "save", then edit it again, undo your change, put your comment in and click "save". It's kind of a pain, but it works.


I did that, but I was unable to put a comment, is there a field that comes up and says please leave a comment?


Oh, what view are you using? If you're looking at the document in "original" view (source text only), when you click on a sentence a popup box comes up where you can click "looks good", "looks wrong", or "edit". Once you click "edit", you'll see a space to modify the sentence and directly under it a space that says "explain your correction (optional)".

However, if you're in "translation" view (source text and translation side by side) you will not see a space to add a comment.

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