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Turn off ticking clock in timed practice?

I think this is new--there are ticking clock sounds in the last five seconds of timed practice? I find this far more distracting than helpful and I'm wondering whether there's a way to turn it off.

September 28, 2013



It's new, and I hate it! 5 seconds is enough time to answer one last question, but not with that noise distracting me. I do like that it turns red, though.


Yeah, I also think it's new. When it reached five seconds, at first I thought there was something wrong.

Yes, it was really distracting, but sometimes it's also really frustrating to be doing a question and all of a sudden the trumpets sound and everything disappears when I haven't even finished the question.

My suggestion is they might as well keep it turned on, anyways, the last five seconds don't really help that much.


You don't have to have the sound effects turned on. I've never done so, and while the pulsing clock takes some getting used to, it's not a big deal. No ticking.

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