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"Han drikker ikke øl for hennes skyld."

Translation:He does not drink beer for her sake.

May 26, 2015



We have songs in Finland about this type of a woman. They all instruct to leave her.


really, because he might be an alcoholic that wants to recover. the "her" could be his daughter for all we know


I wish this app had pronaunciation questions and matching questions other than asking the same three translations 5-7 times a lesson. Is anyone else having this issue?


Yes,I miss pronunciation lessons too.


Yeah same. I am getting so good with the reading/writing aspect, but I still feel like I can't actually SPEAK any Norwegian.


Why isn't "He doesn't drink beer because of her" accepted here?


I'm not 100% sure, but I believe the sentence means that he doesn't drink beer because (for some reason) the girl is not okay with it, and he chooses willingly to not drink it. What you're saying implies more that she was the reason he didn't drink beer, but in a more negative context.


Yes, you are right. Did a bit of research on it since my question ;) Just didn't post it here. Basically this is how it is described in a dictionary: - for din skyld ("av hensyn til deg, for deg") - for your sake ("of consideration for you, for you")


The same question here. "He does not drink beer because of her" was my first thought as well.


You are right. I had a big laugh when I read / listened to this one. The sentence should be turned around: “For hennes skyld, drikker han ikke øl”. As it stands it means “It’s not for her sake he is drinking beer” :D


I saw someone use "pils" for beer instead of "øl"—what's the difference?


"Pils" is a Pilsner, a lager-style beer.


Ah okay, so "øl" is the general term while "pils" is more specific?


Right. Both Carlsberg and Guinness are "øl", but of the two only Carlsberg is "en pils".


Do you have a word for ale specifically then?


However, this distinction is usually not made when saying for example "gå og ta en pils", "å pilse" etc, although this might be a regional thing.


...rather for his own! :D

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