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"The intelligent boy reads the interesting book."

Translation:Léann an buachaill cliste an leabhar spéisiúil.

May 26, 2015



Cen fath nach bhfuil "suimiúil" ceart?


Tá an ceart 'adsa. Tabhair tuairisc faoi.


Cad atá carr le Dulingo. Intelligent: éirimiúil. Clever: cliste Cen fáth nach glac duolingo an dhá míniú. Tá an dhá focal chart.


Cad atá cearr leatsa?*

You're aware that Duolingo is designed to teach a basic vocabulary, not to test your ability to look up words in a dictionary that you don't really understand. In the context of this exercise, where "smart", "clever" and "intelligent" could be used synonymously in the English sentence, cliste is entirely appropriate, and is more appropriate to the vocabulary level that Duolingo is designed to teach.

Cen fáth nach glac duolingo an dhá míniú
Cen fáth nach nglacann duolingo an mh*íniú?

Tá an dhá focal chart.
Tá an fhocal ceart

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