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Do you not get points for translating articles?

I did my first article translation, and could see that it was giving me points as I did it, but they weren't counted in my daily progress points.

September 28, 2013



Never mind, I got them, it just took a while.


Yeah, you usually have to reload your home page before they show up there, there's a bit of a lag.


Do you still get points for translating the articles ? Because I don't get any points since 3 days


I was curious about this, too. I am still very new to duolingo, and I have not noticed any lingots added for translating sentences on the web (maybe I have not translated enough-- I have not done anything like an entire article). Also, I have read elsewhere that duolingo would occasionally send you to an article to do some translating, but that has never happened to me. I just clicked on 'immersion.' Maybe I am not at an advanced enough level to get put onto a translation task by the program?


If you upload a article then you get one lingot every time someone upvotes it. As far as I know you do not get lingots for translating sentences in Imersion, no matter what your level.

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