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Present simple/continuous?!

Hi, when Duolingo wasn't available in turkish yet, I joined a turkish course and we had a turkish course book and in it, the present tense would be described as "root word"+yor+personal ending; but here on Duolingo it's just rootword+personal ending - so i'm confused now! From what I've noticed, the "yor" signals present continuous? I just find it weird that the entire book has something essential like this wrong then?

May 26, 2015



Your course book is wrong.

"Root-iyor-personal ending" is present continuous.

"Root-a vowel-R-personal ending" is the jack of all trades, master of none. It's a bit like the English present simple, but not really; at times the future tense, but not really; and very often used in conditionals, but it's not the only tense used there, either. It's called the Aorist tense.


Thanks for the reply! I just thought it's so weird that an entire book has it wrong. Well, maybe not wrong, but not entirely right. It's pretty weird to get used to the other tense now...

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