"Alright, see you."

Translation:Tamam, görüşürüz.

May 26, 2015



Any tips for remebering how to spell görüşürüz?

May 26, 2015


Errrmmm... Maybe turning it into a mnemonic? "Go rush ur uzi!"

Drop the last i and use all the diacritics possible ;p

May 27, 2015


If you are watching turkish series you will definitely learn this phrase! They're using it all the time!

November 24, 2016


I just had "OK houston" as a multiple choice answer and thought that was hilarious. :D

July 31, 2019


Can someone explain the difference between 'see you' as translation for görüşürüz and 'goodbye' as translation for hoşça kal/güle? And is one phrase more informal/formal than the other?

I'm not a native English speaker so I don't know in what situations I should use which phrase

January 10, 2019


that's difficult remember this word for a person that is hispanic like me

February 22, 2017
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