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"Вони будуть готувати піцу у понеділок."

Translation:They will make pizza on Monday.

May 26, 2015



The voice record talks too fast here :S


Just to let everyone know that the word "готувати" is misleading. In Ukrainian, "готувати" means "to prepare" something (not necessarily food). I believe the word comes from the Russian "готовить" for their word "to cook".

In Ukrainian (a different language) One can 'prepare' food but it is NOT the actual PROCESS OF COOKING. You can prepare "готувати' or create a pizza, but it is 'baked' in the oven, which is "пекти".

The proper term "to cook" (on the stove) is "варити" in Ukrainian.

Please let us not mix languages if there are descriptive words in the original language already. Respect the Ukrainian language. Шануймо Українську мову!

[deactivated user]

    This course teaches literary Ukrainian as spoken in Ukraine, and «готува́ти» can mean 'to cook' in Ukraine.

    Шануймо не тільки українську мову Америки, але й українську мову України! Let's respect not just American Ukrainian, but Ukrainian of Ukraine too!


    Мені також здається, що цей курс має чимало русизмів, але "prepare or create pizza" - це вже занадто:)))


    Is "готувати піцу" a phrase people actually use, or should there be another verb used in practice, like пекти?


    With some foods, like pies or pancakes, people usually only use word пекти, with pizza I heard both


    It's simple rule: «to bake» usually used with all sorts of bakery :)


    But you do bake pizza :) And who would guess that pancakes cooked on a pan (not in the oven) also печуться


    Are you right ^_^ I mix up bakery with pasty. In fact «to bake» just more spesific with some kinds of food, with pastry :)


    I suppose no. There is a difference between "готувати піцу" and "пекти":

    пекти — to bake
    готувати піцу — to cook pizza


    "A pizza" is wrong. Why?


    I agree that it should be accepted.


    And what about варити ? Where do you use it?


    "Make a pizza" приймає

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