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  5. "Your bread."

"Your bread."


May 26, 2015



"bhur n-arán" -- this is great, it looks like some magical spell


"Make me a sandwich!"

thrice intones "bhur n-arán" balefully

"Poof--you're a sandwich!"


Why Bhur instead of do?


Both bhur n-arán and d'arán should be correct. The former (bhur) is plural. Also, remember do becomes d' before vowel or fh+vowel


Why does it have a prefix and when do I have to use it?


bhur has a prefix because of the initial mutation caused by the word. You use it whenever bhur is followed by a word that starts with a vowel. Otherwise, you use an eclipse mutation.


is this meant to be singular or plural?


I know this is an old post and I hope you figured it out, I don't know for certain, but I currently suspect 'leatsa' (with you) in one of its forms (is leatsa [is yours], is leatsa é/í [it's his/hers/its] etc) is used for the singular of 'your/s', and bhur for the plural. That's my best guess so far.


If you meant 'how are you supposed to guess if Duolingo want you answer in the singular or plural', then I don't know. I just go by the context of the preceding questions. If there's a run of questions about plurals, then my money is on them being after a plural in the next question. Doesn't always pan out like that though.


I'm confused. I answered Bhur arán - which is apparently wrong - going by these comments it should be Bhur n-arán. But it accepted my answer as right albeit with a typo and gave the correct answer as D'arán!!!!


English doesn't differentiate between singular and plural "your". For English->Irish exercises, Duolingo has to try and take account of that ambiguity in English, but accepting both singular and plural versions of the answer.

If you are talking to two or more people, you would say bhur n-arán - "your bread".
If you are talking to just one person, you would say d'arán - "your bread".


Thanks for the reply and I get that. But confusing that my answer which was in the plural (but missing a bit) was identified as having a typo and the correct answer supplied was the singular version.

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Your answer wasn't "the plural but missing a bit". Your answer used the plural pronoun and the noun with the singular mutation. If the system decided it was a typo rather than just plain wrong, it's 50/50 as to whether you got the pronoun wrong or the noun wrong.


Okay thanks for that. Very impressed with the level of feedback available via these forums/fora.

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