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  5. "Чиє це село?"

"Чиє це село?"

Translation:Whose village is this?

May 26, 2015



What the- MINE! I lost it too! First my garden, then my house... and then I lose an entire village!

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whose is the village


Is "Whose town is this?" also correct?


There is a huge thread of comments on this in the French-from-English language comments. People from different countries failed to agree on the matter.

A "село" is a rural area with no big buildings, where everyone has their own land. Every family in a "село" grows food and probably keeps cattle or chickens or geese or ducks, maybe bees. It is small. I would never call that a town, it is a village. Many people from the US have said "village" sounds like a word from a fairy tale, but then again, there are not so many villages as I imagine them in the US.

In Ukrainian, there are formally three kinds of settlements: село, селище міського типу, місто. "Село" is a village; "місто" is a town or a city; "селище міського типу" (literally, an urban village) is somewhere in the middle - now that I would call a town. To avoid this awkward big phrase, a small town may be called "містечко". Still, even a big settlement is often called "село" if it's mostly agricultural.

You decide if you want to call a settlement of ten farmers "a town", but I wouldn't. I call that a village.


Are there still many villages in modern Ukraine? I've never been there.


Yes, tons of them.

Basically, Ukraine is an agricultural country.

I live in the capital, but even here it is still popular to have a summer home called "dacha" where people go to grow their own crops.

A lot of people have relatives in villages. I don't have any, but my boyfriend does, and every once in a while we go to the village on weekends to help with the field work.


Oh well its easier for us Quebecer to comprehend, passed Montreal there are a lot of "canton"/ "anciennes seigneuries" where its just like village you described in Ukraine


Село is village or small settlement, whereas a town/city or larger settlement is a місто.


1st - We do not use Village to refer to small towns in the US. 2nd - It is common to leave off the last two words. "Is this" for example, "whose bag is this?" can be "whose bag?" I think this should be accepted.


How do say чие?

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