Up the Ante

While I like the newly introduced Lingot system (and Lingot wagering system), I feel a bit cheated when I'm wagering 5 of my hard-earned lingots and have to wait a whole seven days to see them turn into 10 (not to mention the fact that in reality I'm only gaining 5, since the bet cost me 5 to begin with).

I would like to see a minimum-maximum scale be implemented, so we can control the amount we can wager, and how many days it would take to see our Lingots multiply. C'mon, Duolingo - Up the Ante! ;)

September 28, 2013


I woulld like to see the winnings increase when you maintain a certain level of skill points for each day of your streak. It's fairly easy to keep a streak going, but this would encourage us to do more lessons.

That makes a lot of sense. It would encourage people not to let their knowledge lapse by providing a small reward.

I really like that idea.

I'm not sure exactly what you are requesting, but if you mean that the wager would become more lucrative for a longer time period wagered , or that you could wager more for a certain period of time for a bigger pay out.

Either scenario, I doubt will be implemented other than maybe slight changes.

My reason is that there are already individuals that can exploit a variable wage. For example, I have a 75 day streak and 42 lingots. I would be quite willing to wager large amounts of lingots for large periods of time. And, it is highly probable that I would win the wager. Duolingo is a well-established habit for me. Getting me to wager on whether I will maintain my streak is not much of a challenge.

P.S. - Writing up this comment is likely to jinx me.. eek. Lady luck might just steal my streak from me.

that's a cool idea but I think there needs to be more uses for lingots before it will happen, I would definitely like to see it implemented though

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